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When we had to choose a cattery name that suits the breed, we of course tried to find out more about the Lao-Tsun temple where according to the legend the breed found its origins

As a logic step in our search we found the sacred places of Buddhism. One of these places is the Maha Bodhi temple and the Bodhi tree in Bodh Gaya, where according to tradition Buddhism was founded by the enlightenment of prince Didhartha Gautama (born 566 before JC).

Our choice was simple: Mahabodhi had to be the catteryname. Because tell us what is more exciting than linking the legend of the origin of the breed with the history of one of the major world religions?


The Maha Bodhi temple


The historic place where the enlightenment of Buddha took place has become an important site of pilgrimage. Although in writing nothing can be found, Buddha must have returned to Bodh Gaya several times during his lifetime. About 250 years after the enlightenment the Buddhist emperor Ahoka visited the place and he is said to be the founder of the Mahabodhi temple.

The Bodhi tree


During seven days after his enlightenment Buddha meditated under the Bodhi tree without leaving his seat. In the second week he meditated walking that’s why at the north face of the temple a passage was built which is decorated with nineteen lotus flowers. The week thereafter Buddha continued meditating in sight of the Bodhi tree and at that place a stupa was erected.


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