Mahabodhi males - Mahabodhi Birmans
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Mahabodhi males


Our breeding program in the past couple of years was founded on two males who gave us beautiful kittens and strengthened the “Mahabodhi look”. Magic (Mahabodhi’s Magic Blue Eyes) and Bickel (Galdwin d’Highland).

Our first stud, Simpson von der Loburg, born in 2006 brought beautiful blue eyes to all our lines.

Our stud: Mahabodhi’s
Magic Blue Eyes

At this moment we have only 1 stud, who is also available for stud service: Mahabodhi’s Magic Blue Eyes, born in 2010.
He is a chocolate tabby point (SBI b21)
Magic is medium in size. His offspring is beatiful in type, has deep blue eyes and a very sweet temperament. In different litters we  have various colours: chocolate, lilac, blue and seal, pointed as well as tabby pointed.

Magic is tested negative for HCM and PKD by ultrasound and he is also negative for FIV/FeLV.