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Mahabodhi Birmans
Cattery of Sacred Birmans


Excellent health and social character is what we put in first place for our Birmans.
But we also try to breed in type that is closest possible to the breed standard.


Under our cattery name Mahabodhi we are involved in the breeding and showing of our Sacred Birmans for over 20 years. Long before that we always had cats living with us, but hey were not pedigree cats. When we visited cat shows we were caught by the charms of the Sacred Birman, their beautiful appearance, the silky coat, the enchanting eyes and not in the least the very social character.

The second cat we acquired (Katchanka’s Orlaya) was of show quality and from February 2000 we particpated in many shows, in Holland and abroad. Over the years, by careful selection ot the combination of parents, we succeeded in achieving a recognisable ‘look’ for our Birmans. A large number of Mahabohdi Birmans regularly have show successes, also abroad.

Many Mahabodhi Birmans obtained championship titles, up to the highest level, during traditional exhibitions in The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. These titles can be found on the pedigrees of our kittens.

Of course we are proud to breed Birmans who are successful in shows, because they represent the best possible examples of the breed. But the excellent health and the very social character of our Birmans is much more important to us. The joyful and enthusiastic messages we receive from kitten buyers give great satisfaction every time.

All our cats are free to move around the house, all doors are always open. We breed two or three litters per year and in 2019 we had the birth of our 60th litter. When we have kittens, they are raised in our living room. Our house is always open to welcome people who want to see our cats. Please do not hesitate tot call or send an e-mail.