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Mahabodhi males

Our studs:

Ch. Galdwin d’Highland, alias Bickel, lilac point

He is a fairly strong young boy with a beautiful lilac point mask. Really deep deep blue eyes. Verys social and affectionate. He is still young but gave us already many litters of excellent quality.


Mahabodhi’s Magic Blue Eyes, chocolate tabby point

Son of our fabulous Gr.Eur.Pr./Eur.Ch. Simpson von der Loburg. Medium in size. Super in character. Passes his deep blue eye colour. In various litters we had various colours: chocolate, lilac, blue and seal.magic2

 Available for stud service

 Both studs have tested negative for FeLV, FIV, HCM and PKD.


<H3>Ch. Galdwin d'Highland</H3>lilac point, SBI c</br> Born10.09.2011</br> Sire: Ch. Chamalow des Grands Moghols, lilac point, SBI c</br> Dam: Fendi d'Highland, chocolate point, SBI b</br></br></br>

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<H3>Mahabodhi's Magic Blue Eyes</H3>chocolate tabby point, SBI b21</br> Born 26.08.2010</br> Sire: Eur.Ch. Simpson von der Loburg, seal tabby point, SBI n21</br> Dam: Gr.Eur.Ch. Sint Agatha's Soraya, chocolate point, SBI b</br></br>

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<H3>Mahabodhi's Pablo</H3> chocolate point, SBI b</br> Born 24.01.2004</br> Sire: Ch.Kazu van 't Rozenrijk, chocolate point, SBI b</br> Dam : Gr.Int.Ch. Pamela van de Edelhof, seal point, SBI n</br></br></br>

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<H3>Gr.Int.Pr/Eur.Ch/TICA RW SGCA</br> Simpson von der Loburg</H3> seal tabby point, SBI n21</br> Born 08.08.2006</br> Sire: Worldch. Ai-Poeti, chocolate tabby point, SBI b22</br> Dam: DK*Nuance's Greatest Hits Vol 1, seal tortie point, SBI f</br></br> <H4>Show results:</H4> <B>10 x BIV, 9 x BIS, 2 x BOB</B>

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<H3>Gr.Eur.Pr/Gr.Int.Ch/TICA RW SGCA</br> Mahabodhi's Uriel</H3> blue point, SBIa</br> Born 23.08.2006</br> Sire: Gr.Int.Ch. Equador Tycho, lilac point, SBC c</br> Dam: Eur.Ch. Mahabodhi's Beauty, blue point, SBI a</br></br></br> <H4>Show results:</H4> <B>12 x BIV, 15 x BIS, 4 x BOB</B>

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<H3>Mahabodhi's Claudio</H3> seal tabby point, SBI n 21</br> Born 23.08.2008</br> Sire: Eur.Ch. Simspon von der Loburg, seal tabby point, SBI n21</br> Dam: Gr.Eur.Ch. Sint Agata's Soraya, chocolate point, SBI b</br></br>

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