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In memoriam EN

Mahabodhi in memoriam


The life of the Mahabodhi family, like many others, is not a bed

of roses. Although we feel lucky that we did not have to live many real drama’s

we could not escape to loosing some of our cats at a very young age. We keep the

dearest memories of the following Birmans:



<H3>Ch. Mahabodhi's Lizzy</H3> Lilac tabby point, SBI c 21</br></br> 09.02.2005 - 12.02,2007

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<H4>Int.Ch. Jessica Fleur du Batouwe</H4> seal point, SBI n</br></br> 19.02.2000 - 04.04.2007

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<H3>Ch. Ebby van Patisson</H3> blue tabby point, SBI a21</br> 12.05.2002 - 18.05.2010

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<H3>Eur.Ch. Mahabodhi's Beauty</H3> blue point, SBI a</br></br> 24.02.2001 - 02.12.2010

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Pamela sr

<H3>Eur.Pr./Gr.Int.Ch. Pamela van de Edelhof</H3> seal point, SBI n</br></br> 17.12.1995 - 26.04.2011

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<H3>Int.Ch.Katchanka's Orlaya </H3>blue point, SBI a</br> 14.07.1999 - 17.07.2013</br>

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